Tax Preparation Services

Tax law is complicated, but a full understanding allows you to fully utilize the tax deductions and credits to save as much as hard-earned money as possible. Kauffman|Kim, LLP has certified tax professionals & consultants who have the expertise to make the preparation process as easy as possible and minimize your tax liability with careful planning. Our professional tax accountants and consultants are ready to serve you our tax preparation services in Columbia and Ellicott City, MD.

  • 100% online services available through the use of client portal.
  • Please note that the fee ranges are approximated and 95% of our clients fit into these fee ranges, but there are outliers.
  • We do not prepare tax returns while you wait. Most individual tax returns have about a week turn around and most business tax returns have about a 2 week turn around.

Oftentimes, both individual taxpayers and businesses are apprehensive about the tax filing season and income tax returns. Business owners must realize the value of taking the time to prepare their taxes to ensure they have all of their documents organized and reduce the chances of errors. In that case, you can rely on our financial planners for assistance with tax return preparation in Columbia, MD and beyond.

Our professional tax accountants and consultants offer the best tax preparation services in Columbia and Ellicott City, MD. Ready to get started? Contact now!

Business Tax ReturnsIndividual Tax Returns
1120, 1120s, 1065, state returns, and related statements1040, state returns, and related statements
Amended tax returnsAmended tax returns
Pricing: $700-$3,000Pricing: $500-$2,000

Steps For Tax Preparation

1. Schedule an appointment- we can talk either in person or through phone

2. Send documents- either drop in person or via regular electronic methods (email, fax, etc.) or via secure client file exchange web portal

3. Sign the engagement letter

4. Once tax return is done, sign e-file authorization form (Form 8879) for electronic filing

5. Receive tax return- either in person or electronically

Tax Planning

By analyzing previous tax return and current year financials, we estimate tax refund/liability for both IRS and state. Based on the projection, we analyze the financial situation from a tax perspective and seek possible tax strategies. Whether it’s a tax-saving retirement plan, college savings plan, tax gain-loss harvesting, Section 199A Aggregation, or another creative tax strategy, we provide pros and cons of each possible scenario for the best possible outcome.

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